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Harmful Roadside Zoo Shut Down for Good

Paws Up! To Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill for ending the cycle of abuse at Wildlife in Need Zoo.

November 10, 2020

Animal advocates and the state of Indiana are victorious over their attempts at shutting down the problematic roadside zoo in southern Indiana called Wildlife in Need.

Former zoo owner, Tim Stark, violated the Endangered Species Act by declawing tiger cubs. He also withheld veterinary care and the animals were living in poor conditions, according to WDRB News. Stark is also in the midst of federal litigation for the misuse of funds received from the CARES Act.

The animals have all since been relocated to reputable sanctuaries where they immediately received veterinary care.

Take Action: Roadside zoos often cut corners to try to lower the great expenses involved in caring for and feeding wild animals in captivity. It is always the animals who suffer with negligent veterinary care, poor diet, and improper socialization. Never visit these places. Instead, choose to appreciate wild animals in their natural habitats by viewing them in documentaries on TV or online. Wild animals belong in the wild, never as pets or in captivity!

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2 responses to “Harmful Roadside Zoo Shut Down for Good”

  1. Karin Marsh says:

    I will never know nor understand why any State or Country for that matter allows wildlife as pets in peoples back yards or homes. Also not shutting down puppy mills, experiencing on animals in laboratories, teaching animals tricks for profit etc. The abuse they are enduring is absolutely heartbreaking. This also goes for our companion animals. My heart breaks for all of the beautiful animals in this world that are abused. I cry myself to sleep many nights. Animals are so much better than people!

  2. Bonnie Engelman says:

    Roadside zoos are a cancer on our society. No wild animals should be left in cages, in substandard conditions, lacking proper food and medical attention for the “ amusement” of passers by. People who run these god awful establishments should be jailed, immediately, and the poor, suffering animals relocated to verifiable sanctuaries where they can be free, feel grass, have the company of their own species, and receive the proper medical attention they deserve. The animals are far more valuable than the people who run these hideous sideshows!

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