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House Votes In Favor Of The PAST Act To Protect Horses

Tennesse Walker Horse
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4 responses to “House Votes In Favor Of The PAST Act To Protect Horses”

  1. Eileen Kulp says:

    That’s all well and good, but you need to go after trainers and vets that are on the “take” and continue to harm these innocent animals for a prize and money. The penalties need to be swift and enforced with HEAVY monitary fines and jail time, not just a “slap on the wrist”. Even the owners of these horses need some swift justice, like removing the animal from their property, imposing heavy fines in the THOUSANDS, will make someone think twice. No animal regardless of it’s nature should have pain and torture inflicted,and those that inflict it should pay the price.

  2. M Friedman says:

    If anyone has any empathy, he/she will know that this practice is utterly cruel and flat out wrong. It’s long overdue for an immediate end to this, once and for all.

  3. Cheryl Ash says:

    This time take it and allow others to express the horrors of what is happening…stop this practice and stop the suffering of so many precious beings….please!!!!!!!

  4. Joy Gayton says:

    There Is ALOT Of Disastrous Happening With Horse’s Such As Horse Racing Which They Give The Horse’s To Make Them Run Faster & Often Time’s They Have Heart Attack’s From Racing TOO HARD & This Just Need’s To STOP NOW!!!
    They Shouldn’t NEVER EVER Be In Circuses Because They Don’t Deserve To Have People Riding Them With People Who Are Sometime’s TOO HEAVY & Mess Up The Horse’s Back’s.
    This Just Outrage’s Me To NO END Because They’re Such Gentle Giant’s Who DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE Without Anyone Kill Them ESPECIALLY For Horse Meat Because It’s A Delicacy In Some State’s & Countries.
    Sincerely Your’s, Joy Gayton

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