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Iowa Legislators Introduce Bill to Limit Local Governments' Ability to Enforce Animal Welfare Laws

Paws Down! To the Iowa Senate Committee on Agriculture for voting in favor of limiting city governments’ enforcement of puppy mills and other inhumane animal establishments.

March 16, 2021

At the beginning of March, the Iowa Senate Committee on Agriculture considered a bill–SF483–which would prohibit city and county governments from passing ordinances against puppy mills and pet stores. Only the state government would have that power. According to the bill:

SF483 “limits a local governmental entity such as a county or city from adopting, administering, enforcing, or continuing in effect local legislation that prohibits or effectively prohibits the operation of an animal enterprise or the use of a working animal. The test to determine an effective prohibition is whether it imposes a financial hardship.”

Learn the truth about the terrible cruelties inflicted on animals in
puppy mills and roadside shows.

Yes, you read that right–if this bill passes, county and city governments would no longer have the power to regulate facilities such as puppy mills, pet stores, roadside zoos, traveling circuses, or other “animal enterprises” as long as these enterprises can show the said regulations would impose a “financial hardship” for their bottom line. This bill would ultimately welcome even more out-of-state businesses that exploit animals for profit to set up shop in Iowa, and the local authorities can do little, if anything, about it.

Take Action: Iowa citizens, stand up and be heard by your legislators! Not only should Iowans be allowed to govern their own communities without the state overstepping their bounds, but the animals deserve to be protected by the communities who care for them the most. Iowans, contact your legislators today and tell them to vote NO on SF483!

Don’t know how to contact your state senator? Click here to find your legislators!

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