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Iowa Passes New 'Ag-Gag' Law; Animal Welfare Investigators Are Now Trespassers

Paws Down! To Iowa legislators for passing a new ag-gag law, which will prevent animal welfare investigators from being able to expose the cruel truths behind puppy mills and factory farming.

March 22, 2019

For decades, our society has been cracking down on the mistreatment of animals by pushing for legislation that demands better care, housing, and treatment of animals in facilities such as factory farms and puppy mills. This demand for better care did not come naturally, but by the courage of activists who were able to film, photograph, and share the atrocious conditions in which these dogs and other animals live.

Without knowledge of the truth, the public must rely on what factory farms and commercial dog breeders advertise as the truth. And when these corporations are more focused on their bottom line than the welfare of the animals they raise, it’s always the animals who suffer.

Puppy mills maximize profits by minimizing expenses, at the ultimate expense of the animals they breed.

Iowa legislators have now made it harder for the true cruel nature of puppy mills and factory farms to reach the public. Last week, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the Ag Trespass Bill. Now, anyone who goes onto the property “undercover” as an employee or otherwise with the purpose of exposing the facility’s operations, practices, and inhumane conditions will be charged with a serious misdemeanor.

Factory farms often sacrifice humane living conditions for cramped cages with little to no access to natural light.

We must ask ourselves: Do we want to live in a society where people are punished for telling the truth while corporations that abuse animals are protected? Should corporations that care for animals be able to withhold crucial information from the public, or should they show transparency with their customers?

Take Action: Educate yourselves, your friends, and your family about the sad realities of puppy mills and factory farming. Choose to adopt an animal from a reputable animal shelter or rescue rather than buy one from a pet shop that most likely sources their animals from mills and commercial breeders. You can also reduce the suffering of millions of animals in factory farms by limiting your meat and animal product consumption, or choose to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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One response to “Iowa Passes New ‘Ag-Gag’ Law; Animal Welfare Investigators Are Now Trespassers”

  1. p perron says:

    Will this go to Iowan legislators? I wish it to.

    What were you thinking? That your thinking has become so warped as to think animal cruelty by humans is OK? Are you so sick? OR is it possible that the Food Industry – which does have sick ideas about how to get money from the use of animals – had a lot of money in its pockets for the legislators that made them forget they were human?

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