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Kangaroos Will Not Be in the Homes of New Hampshire - National Humane Education Society

Paws Up! For New Hampshire’s Vote Against Legalizing Private Wildlife Ownership

Most people like Australia’s most famous cultural export, the kangaroo. But would they want one in their home? That is the question legislators in New Hampshire faced when looking at House Bill 1325-FN. Representative Tom Mannion sponsored this bill to lower the legal barriers to privately owning wild animals in New Hampshire. In his public post about the bill, Mannion explained his inspiration came from requests on social media, asking him to put into law the right to own small-tailed monkeys, foxes, raccoons, otters, skunks, and the iconic red kangaroo.

According to Bush Heritage Australia, kangaroos can grow up to two meters in height and can clear more than 8 meters in one leap. They have complex social structures and travel in packs, known as “Mobs”. The confines of a residential area is far removed from a kangaroo’s natural habitat, and doesn’t provide the space or socialization they need. Each species of animal listed as a potential “pet” in HB 1325-FN has their own unique environment to thrive in, none of which includes our homes. Fortunately, you will not see kangaroos hopping down the streets of your neighborhood anytime soon. HB 1325-FN was struck down with a unanimous vote, with representatives and animal advocates alike speaking out against the bill.

Regardless of its fate in the house, HB 1325-FN highlights the troubling rise of the exotic animal trade. This multibillion dollar industry is filled with illegal activity, and a wide lack of regulation leaves exotic animals more vulnerable than other companion animals. Social media has glamorized keeping wild animals as exotic pets with cute videos further feeding the demand. It is our responsibility to speak out for their protection, to pull back the curtain and remind others that these beautiful creatures deserve to be in the wild. The love we have for their kind, however great, will never replace the lives of freedom they are supposed to lead.

Take Action: Contact your New Hampshire Representative to thank them for voting against HB 1325-FN!

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