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Louisiana Has Introduced A Bill That Would Create A Statewide Animal Abuse Registry

May 16, 2019
Paws Up! To Louisiana Representative Robby Carter (D-District 72) for introducing House Bill 161 to create a statewide animal abuse registry.

Choosing to bring an animal into your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Animals enrich our lives both physically, emotionally, and mentally with their companionship and unconditional devotion. When people choose to hurt these sentient creatures, it is an atrocity. Lawmakers in Louisiana are striving to ensure these individuals cannot obtain another animal with House Bill 161. Louisiana Representative Robby Carter introduced HB 161 that would create a statewide animal abuse registry for convicted animal abusers. The Department of Agriculture and Forestry would maintain this public registry. In addition to paying a $50 annual fee, offenders would be required to register within seven days of conviction or after they have served their sentence. It would include the offender’s picture, address, telephone number, and offense. First-time offenders would be on the registry for ten years. Second-time offenders would be on it for life. If an offender fails to register, a fine up to $1,000 will occur along with possibly six months in jail. Animal shelters and pet stores would be required to check the registry before allowing any individual to adopt a pet.

Take Action: Louisiana residents, contact your representative to show your support for the animal abuse registry to create a safer world for animals.

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