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Maryland Pet Stores Claim Statewide Puppy Mill Ban Unconstitutional

August 28, 2019

Last Friday, several pet stores collectively filed a lawsuit against the state of Maryland, claiming a recent animal welfare law will violate their Constitutional rights. Beginning January 1, 2020, all pet stores in Maryland must source their animals from local animal shelters and animal welfare organizations, rather than commercial breeders and puppy mills. This ban on puppy mill sales is being implemented in response to the inhumane, cruel, and unsanitary conditions these commercial facilities are infamous for perpetuating.

Maryland lawmakers decided last year that the best way to stop the cruel nature of commercial breeding is by banning the sale of the animals they produce, thus forcing the industry to shut down or move elsewhere. California and Maine have recently taken similar measures to crack down on the puppy mill problem. To understand more about the horrible conditions that dogs and cats endure in commercial breeding facilities, please click here.

The lawsuit cites the U.S. Constitution’s commerce and equal protections clauses as well as other animal welfare laws that it claims the ban violates. However, the pet store owners’ greatest concern of course is not the welfare of the animals that they profit off of, but that the ban will put the stores out of business.

Take Action to Stop Puppy Mills:

  • Support local animal shelters and reputable rescue groups.
  • Only obtain dogs and puppies from reputable animal rescues and shelters.
  • Report animal cruelty.
  • Write your legislators to urge increased inspections of kennels and higher standards of care in the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Support laws and ordinances that limit or ban the sale of puppies and kittens.
  • Download and print or order NHES’ Puppy Mill brochure to distribute in your community.

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2 responses to “Maryland Pet Stores Claim Statewide Puppy Mill Ban Unconstitutional”

  1. Eileen Kulp says:

    This isn’t going to put the stores out of business, the illegal puppymill breeders will be out of business. If the store owner gets pups from this source, then close him / her down. If the store owner is smart- go to a rescue and bring the dogs, cats to the store for a better rate of adoption and allow the rescues to take in more. Evidently, these persons who filed suit deal with illegal puppy-mills, SHAME ON YOU!!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Isn’t there away we can go state wide and stop the puppy mills NO animal should have to live like that it’s bad enough dogs and cats are in shelters they just want a home and be loved they don’t have a voice and they should stop breeding they expensive dogs and go adopt sorry I get carried away because I love animals so much hate to see them mistreated especially innocent puppy’s some people have no heart

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