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New Jersey Governor Signs Two Animal Welfare Bills Into Law

Paws Up! To New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for signing S2674 and S1923 into law, improving the lives of animals in the Garden State.

May 15, 2019

Last week, Governor Phil Murphy signed Bill S2674 which will allow enforcement officers to more easily seize dogs from homes that are violating tethering laws. The law states that “…any municipal humane law enforcement officer, humane law enforcement officer of a county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or other State or local law enforcement officer may immediately enter onto private property where a dog, domestic companion animal, or service animal is located and take physical custody of the animal, if the officer has a reasonable suspicion to believe that the animal is at risk of imminent harm.”

Governor Murphy also signed Bill S1923 which will protect dogs who have been rescued from dog fighting from being euthanized without any attempt for rehabilitation. Previously, any dog who was rescued from dog fighting was automatically labeled as a “vicious dog” and was euthanized. Now, this law will require the courts to determine whether or not the dog was provoked in an attack, stating, “the municipality shall bear the burden of proof to demonstrate that the dog was not provoked.” As most dogs who are cruelly trained to fight in horrific dog fights are provoked by their trainers, this law is a step in the right direction to give them the rehabilitation they need and deserve.

Take a moment to thank Governor Murphy for sticking up for animals by clicking here!

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2 responses to “New Jersey Governor Signs Two Animal Welfare Bills Into Law”

  1. p perron says:

    Dear Governor Murphy,

    When people worldwide “get” the connection between cultivating cruelty and poverty and other misery, then we will see great change in how the world lives – without world, with cooperation. But there is a tie – bred cruelty, and it is cultivated, perpetuates our demise. Leaders like you, coming from people who are decent, it what will turn the tide. Thank you for sponsoring rehabilitation of dogs formerly used in dogfighting rings.

  2. Mickey Peare says:

    I applaud the governor and legislators for taking this step. The animals are not born as nasty. They are trained to be that animal. Given a chance I believe these dogs can certainly live to change their behavior with a trainer who understands them. Hopefully, it helps save more canine lives !

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