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New Mexico Enacts Statewide Spay and Neuter Program

March 18, 2020

According to a 2012 study, over 100,000 animals enter New Mexico’s animal shelters every year, and roughly 20,000 animals are euthanized. For the last eight years, the New Mexico government has been working on a way to reduce the homelessness and suffering of animals. The Pet Food Fee for Neutering and Sheltering Act will do just that!

New Mexico’s lawmakers agreed that by increasing pet food manufacturers’ annual fees to the state by less than $100 each, the state could collect over $1.4 million per year to help pay for spay and neuter services for income-qualified families. By spaying and neutering our dogs and cats, we prevent them from having multiple litters of puppies and kittens per year that live and die on the streets or are euthanized due to lack of space in the shelters.

Take Action: Thank Governor Michelle Grisham for signing Senate Bill                 57 and ensuring a more humane future for the companion                    animals of New Mexico! Click here to send her a Thank You!

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2 responses to “New Mexico Enacts Statewide Spay and Neuter Program”

  1. Candie says:

    Hello . i have recently adopted a kitten that was maybe like 1 week old when we first got him its been like a month but i was wondering if you will be in harrison county wv near shinnston area to get help with spaying him so that we can keep him

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