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NFL Gives Convicted Dog Torturer Michael Vick Honorary Title - National Humane Education Society

December 7, 2019

The same week that President Trump signed into law the PACT Act, a landmark bill that will now allow prosecutors to pursue federal and felony charges against animal abusers, the NFL named Michael Vick as one of the 2020 Pro Bowl “Legends Captains.” His role would be to provide mentor-ship to the team’s offense during the game and also attend many events during Pro Bowl week, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the end of January.

An estimated 16,000 dogs are killed by dog fighting every year.

This “honorary title” comes twelve years after he was caught operating a dog-fighting ring on his own property, raking in money while maiming and killing animals by his own hand, while playing for the Atlanta Falcons. He eventually served less than two years in prison and filed for bankruptcy. Although the NFL initially suspended him, they invited him to come back and play until he retired from football in 2017.

Since the NFL’s announcement last week, over 250,000 people have signed a petition urging the NFL to rescind his honorary position in the Pro Bowl.

Take Action: Sign the petition! Let the NFL know that their support of Michael Vick’s behavior is appalling and disappointing, and that someone so heartless and cruel towards animals does not deserve to be a “mentor” to anyone–no matter how many yards he ran in his career.

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63 responses to “NFL Gives Convicted Dog Torturer Michael Vick Honorary Title”

  1. Janene Wong-Brehmer says:

    Why wasn’t this monster even arrested and put away? Do not give him this honorary title, please. This just proves that these horrific acts did not matter. Please!

  2. Catherine Woolf says:

    Michael Vick is a convicted criminal. How can ANYONE honor someone who tortures and kills animals. What is the NFL portraying to children? Cruelty and you are honored for it? Aren’t there any other football players who aren’t convicted abusers?

  3. Howard Stephens says:

    The university president at Va Tech inducted him into the sports hall of fame even after alot of Va residents expressed outrage against it 1-2 years ago. I signed the petition against that. He shouldnt be recognized as any kind of mentor. What is the NFL saying & teaching by doing this???? They are definately some Lame-brain seriously stupid people! You do not recognize somebody who has commited criminal activity, got caught and convicted as a mentor for anything!

  4. Janice Hurst says:

    No animal should die for entertainment

  5. Heidi says:

    Shame on the NFL

  6. Elaine Knox says:

    This is unconscionable to have Michael Vick honored like this! To me, it sends a negative message to others involved in dog fighting rings and animal abuse. Michael Vick should still be in prison, is name and likeness stripped from the NFL forever!

  7. Lori says:

    I am applauded !!

  8. Lawrence Winkler says:

    This piece of shit needs to die
    in the same horrible fashion as
    those beautiful, innocent creatures did.
    I just wish I could meet this Devil that
    is allowed to walk freely among good
    decent people, in person.

  9. Pilar Hillyard says:

    We have to stop this!!

  10. Sandy Banks says:

    This is the most disgusting announcement. Why would the NFL want to be represented by an animal killer, abuser. What are you thinking ??!! What message are you sending ??

  11. Arg says:

    Michael Vick is a disgusting human being. Shame on the NFL for promoting him in this way.

  12. Connie M says:

    Unbelievable! Just unbelievable that the NFL would give this heartless jerk ANY type of award! So, so many poor innocent dogs were killed for “sport” and money, by being forced to fight for their lives because of this creep! They had no choice but the NFL does and I really hope they do the right thing. If not, I’m done watching it or supporting the organization in every way!

  13. Denise Curran says:

    Thank you for getting this information out to the public. It’s not just that he did these already awful and unthinkable deeds to dogs, but it is the brutal torture and sheer savage and unspeakably ruthless manor in which Mr. Vick and his associates carried out the extermination of these scared and abused animals. The heartlessness these men have is not something you change. When you treat a living creature to such a painful and horrific display just so you can gain pleasure, that is not normal. I do not believe that he has “done his time”. If he is truly repentant, he would be living he’s life to make sure dog fighting and animal abuse would be a thing of the past. He would talk to kids, lobby for animal rights, make sure that these rings are shut down. He would give of his own money for education and rehabilitation. This man is no hero. I look up to our men and women who serve and protect at home and abroad, the tireless volunteers who pull dogs from over crowded shelters, the foster homes who work and love them until they find their furever home, and people who chose to adopt, not shop. Theses are but a few hundred thousand people I’d call hero or role model or “legend” before that man. And my dog agrees!

  14. Carolyn Roe says:

    The NFL finally took action against spousal abuse but at least the spouse had options these poor animals had no say in. Vick is no different from Jeffrey Damer who started out with road kill then escalated. What makes the NFL think he is cured? Anyone with that lack of integrity has no place in an area young kids have dreams of being in. Surely the almighty dollar has not bought the NFL’s integrity.

  15. A Weed says:

    It seems that the NFL overlooks any offense committed by anyone connected to the NFL in any way at all. Even when they make a decision they turn around and reverse themselves.

  16. Brad W says:

    SCREW the NFL! Give the award to somebody that deserves it, and it’s not Vick.

  17. Carolyn Emole says:

    He’s a murderer and he didn’t serve his time. He’s not a animal torturer..he’s a murderer.

  18. Sara Phillips says:

    Honoring Vick is a travesty. What is wrong with the NFL??

  19. Christina says:

    Everyone deserves a second chance. I’m sure you have done things in your life you are not proud of. But of course, ignore the fact that Vick grew up in a culture where dog-fighting was acceptable, although abhorrent to many, including me. Vick has more than made up for his involvement in his past behavior.

  20. Stacy Yorek says:

    Sick Vick…needs to be removed from the lime light. His “slap on the wrist” for such horrific acts of violence toward so many helpless animals is inexcusable! The fact that he is on National TV as a celebrity and “role model” set a precedent and sends a message that his kind of behavior is no big deal. If he were a child molester he would be required to register so that people will be aware.of a dangerous predator. Serial killers begin practicing on animals and this man is not only mentally I’ll but dangerous! People animals and support stronger laws and penalties need to speak up loud and clear! The NFL has made some unacceptable choices and we demand him GONE from the.public eye!

  21. susan rogan says:

    He belongs nailed to a tree for losing a game. He is a disgusting example of a human being!

  22. Laura Klimist says:

    Vick is a criminal. The extent of horrendous cruelty he inflicted is absolute testament to his character. Vick should be honored for nothing. He is psychopathic killer that enjoys watching suffering. Someone this sick and depraved should be locked away forever.

  23. debra west says:

    Michael Vick deserves to still be in prison for what he did to those dogs… he tortured them and sent some to their death while he laughed. DO NOT let him be a champion, he doesn’t deserve it

  24. Thank you for sharing the link! Please note, there are two other petitions circulating. Between all three, there are currently almost 875,000 signatures. Will you kindly share? and Thank you!

  25. I fail to see the mentor example given to a man who could afford to do good with his God given talents and chose to mane and torture innocent animals for sport. He DOES NOT deserve any and should be treated as such a soul-less criminal that he is.

  26. Dave says:

    Why do s the NFL honoring this clown after everything he had done?

  27. Josh says:

    Get a life the man did his time for his actions go after china and other countries who do way worse then he did

  28. Emma says:

    No Michael Vick!!! Dog killer!

  29. Willie T Johnson says:

    Those dogs that he tortured and killed would have something to say about Michael Vick being a leader of anything. Killing and then saying I’m sorry is just an insult. I’m sure that if he didn’t get caught he would still be doing the same thing today.

  30. Susan Truitt says:

    SHAME on the NFL for letting him back in. That’s the double standards NFL demonstrates every time they let him in the field let alone be a honorary captain.

  31. Paul Henry Williams says:

    He should NOT be glorified. He’s a criminal who killed innocent dogs for pleasure and profit!!

  32. Nicolasa says:

    Please do not honor this man in a heart way. Yes he did time. And maybe he is trying to bring light. It doesn’t change what his crime was. Pitbulls are already a breed that has to withstand prejudice without people like Vick using them and abusing them. He doesn’t care about animals. He just got caught. – a pitbull Mom.

  33. Lana Cox says:

    Anyone who has done the appallingly cruel things this guy did to dogs does not deserve any honor of any kind. This is not “bad judgment” or “he was just young” or “he’s changed.” This type of thing is a deep character flaw. Even people who don’t care about the dogs need to think about this: Do you know of any psycho torturer/murderers of humans who didn’t start out doing the very same thing to animals?

  34. Vikki Thayer says:

    Never shall he be honored for anything. He has no rights, he gave them up when he abused his first animal. He is not even a human let alone anyone to be recognized as a person to be honored. Look NFL you have made a few errors (Kneeling toward our flag) don’t make another now. Your credibility is on the line this time. You can’t make anymore mistakes.

  35. Suz says:

    This guy is a loser in so many ways and he deserves nothing. Anyone who treats animals like he did deserves jail

  36. Eileen Kulp says:

    THAT SOB deserves a JAIL cell, he’s not f*$#$& worthy of a Legends Captain, his title is thief, killer and LIAR!!! I don’t care that he did his time in jail, I can never forgive or respect or trust him again. Those innocent animals DID NOTHING to him to treated, killed and mamed, tortured, and THAT SOB Stood there and WATCHED and DID NOTHING, except collect BLOOD MONEY!!! YOU SOB, I’d like to inflict the pain to you as you did to this those INNOCENT ANIMALS!!

    • George says:

      I love my dogs cats and rabbits. Look didn’t GOD say we should forgive. What if GOD decided not to forgive us. It’s all in the past. He was young and dumb. I’m 52 ex military man. What if my fellow ex military members decided not to forgive this country because how you treat us. What I’m saying let bygones be bygones. He is trying to do what’s right. Better yet what if the minorities of this country decided not to forgive the people who are racist what would you do. Y’all need to get a life before GOD pass judgement on you.

    • Tick Segerblom says:

      What does being a legends captain in football have to do with his past crimes?

  37. Penny Landmann says:

    He is evil!

  38. Mackenzie Rose says:

    Michael Vick should burn in hell for what he did, not be honored! The NFL allows protests against police violence but they refuse to stand against an evil, violent animal abuser and murderer?? Make it make SENSE! The NFL will never get a view or a dime from my household ever again.

  39. April says:

    NFL please do not honor Micheal Vick, he is a dispicable example of a human being.
    Instead honor someone children and society can look to aspire to become and truly honor.

  40. Bobbie Haney says:

    Someone like Michael Vick should never be honored. He should only be ignored and forgotten. Animal abusers don’t deserve anything except jail time and to rot like the piece of garbage that they are.

  41. Mary Logue says:

    He is a dog KILLER, not a hero😈😠

  42. Trista says:

    He doesn’t deserve this after.what he did that isnt.forgivable.

  43. Shirley Phillips says:

    His ass should be under a prison but God will punish him he’ll get what’s coming to him. I pray he’s eat up by the dogs he tortured. HELL has a spot just for people like him

  44. MS Engle says:

    He should not be honored.

  45. Jennifer Starcher says:

    This is a disgrace! You’ll turn your back on a man bending the knee for defending his right to free speech but put an animal abuser as a leader of your organization???? What a great mentor for young adults!!!! NOT! Dumbest move yet!

  46. Terrie Warren says:

    NFL you are a disgrace. This man has no right for any honor. He is not a man to be held high for nothing. Shameful

  47. Denise Harris says:

    He deserves nothing! He’s nothing but a pathetic POS! If anything he should be one of the dogs that he uses for bait for other dogs in dog fighting! He is heartless he is a abusive person with no heart! He is a useless piece of human

  48. debra west says:

    Vick does not deserve to be a role model for our kids, his history says it all… if he would not have been caught he would still be in the business of dog fighting… thank god he was caught, i dont care if he did 10 years in prison its not enough

  49. Mary miller says:

    How could anyone abuse animals! Dogs only want love!

  50. Kelly says:

    Why is this sorry ass excuse of a human being aloud to play football? He should suffer every death he caused. There is a part of me that wishes that Jesus would let all of the dogs that he beat, harmed, abused and killed would tear him from limb to limb till he was dead and for that to continue for eternity in hell where He Blongs!!!!
    Our court system failed those dogs and all of those so called “friends” that continue to harm those dogs with this jackass should suffer the same fate. Hell is where they all belong!!!! My heart hurts so much for all of the animals that are abused. people are so mean how could someone want to break a SPIRIT that wants you to Love them.

  51. Darcy Corey says:

    Do not let this man off the hook for what he did..

  52. Jennifer says:

    All I have to say is the NFL has went to hell in a hand basket! You all used to make sure your players upheld good character and punished them for there wrong doings. Now it’s a free for all! Kids are looking at these players as hero’s and this is what you want to represent as a hero! If this is what the NFL has lowered it standards to then we need to shut down the NFL period!!!!! Michael Vick needs to be put into a ring and let the dogs chew his ass up! Disgusting!! The NFL needs to get some morals and values back and make the players responsible for there actions!!

  53. L Thomas says:

    This is quite disturbing that we will honor a former felon of such a hideous crime.

  54. ANNE STJERN says:

    I have NEVER understood how this man’s behavior has been pushed under the carpet by the NFL. He doesn’t deserve to be honored for his GAME play. Not when he is such a cruel human being. My greatest wish would be for him to know, in his soul, what those dogs went through at his hands.

  55. Lisa says:

    A person in this position is someone children look up to and is also in such a position because of his ability and his accomplishments. This person has shown a complete lack of compassion, respect and leadership. This is a felony now and he is despicable to partake in this evil. The answer is to get rid of him entirely.

  56. Debra Elise says:

    This man should not be held up and publicly treated as an example of a redeemed hero. At best he should be acknowledged for his crimes and having served time, be allowed to continue to use his time to positively contribute to animal welfare in obscurity. We don’t need him on TV or acknowledged by the NFL.

  57. Linda says:

    I cannot believe that anyone or any organization would consider this monster worthy of any type of award. This is the type of sub-human admired by the NFL.

  58. Ismael Outes says:

    Es la experimentación con animales por motivos científicos y la ganadería en entornos sostenibles y adecuados para el animal donde muchos establecen los límites de lo que se considera tolerable. La experimentación con animales con fines médicos es un acto que beneficia a la ciencia con todo el avance que eso conlleva para humanos y los propios animales.

  59. pension para perros says:

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  60. Michele Mooney says:

    Absolutely insane!Stupid NFL should be ashamed but they are probably too stupid to realize what a travesty this is.Dogs had no protection against this cretins torture.He loved to see dogs in agony and laughed his face off while he tortured them to death.brutality against another human being is one thing but against innocent and

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