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NJ Passes "Moose's Law" to Protect Animals from Abusers

Paws Up! To the New Jersey State Senate for passing legislation to keep animal abusers from owning pets.

July 9, 2020

New Jersey Senator Kip Bateman successfully guided Moose’s Law through the state legislature this past week, giving employers the ability to do background checks on potential volunteers and employees of animal-related businesses.

Named after a dog who was stolen and killed by a self-proclaimed animal trainer with a history of animal abuse, Moose’s Law gives employers of animal-based businesses and organizations the right to conduct background checks on prospective employees and volunteers through the state health commissioner. Employers would be notified of any animal abuse convictions in their applicants’ histories.

Take Action: Little by little, lawmakers are making this a better world for animals. They can only do so by listening to YOU–their constituents. Please let your senators and representatives know that you want them to vote in favor of animal welfare and create laws that improve the lives of animals!

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5 responses to “NJ Passes “Moose’s Law” to Protect Animals from Abusers”

  1. Diana Lewis says:

    Please vet anyone working with animals!

  2. Eileen Kulp says:

    this should be a law in all 50 states, KUDOS to New Jersey, now let’s get the other 49 states on board also.

  3. Diana Lewis says:

    Thank you for protecting animals!

  4. Richard Lasseter PhD says:

    THANK YOU Sen Bateman. May God bless you for your efforts.

  5. Maureen Rifkind says:

    New Jersey is my state and I am so happy they passed this law to save animals from abusers. Thank you for this!

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