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Ollie's Law Aims to Raise the Standard for Dog Care in Massachusetts

Paws Up! To MA citizen Amy Baxter and State Rep. Brian Ashe for introducing a bill that would standardize care for dogs in pet-boarding facilities.

Doggy daycare can be a great way to help your dog socialize with others as long as it is in a safe and well-supervised environment.

August 25, 2021

A Massachusetts resident is using her tragedy to help make improvements to dog care facilities in the state. Amy Baxter of East Longmeadow, MA, has spearheaded a movement to make doggy daycares more accountable after her dog suffered fatal injuries last year. Her labradoodle, Ollie, was attacked by other dogs at the daycare. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries–bites that broke skin and bones all over his body.

Now, in an effort to prevent this awful tragedy from happening to anyone else’s beloved animal, Baxter has teamed up with State Rep. Brian Ashe to introduce Bill H.305, “Ollie’s Law,” which would mandate dog boarding facilities to follow statewide regulations that would ensure the safety of dogs in their care.

According to the bill, statewide rules and regulations would require dog boarding facilities to acquire and maintain licenses that hold the facilities accountable in relation to: “staff to dog ratios, group sizes and supervision, minimum housing and care requirements, indoor and outdoor physical facility requirements, dog handling, insurance, fire and emergency plans, and penalties for violation thereof.”1

There would also be a committee made up of dog training professionals and licensed boarding facility owners who would oversee the statewide regulations annually.

Take Action: The bill is currently being considered in joint committee in the State House. Massachusetts residents, contact your state representatives and tell them you support Bill H.305 “Ollie’s Law” to raise the standard of care and safety for dogs throughout your state!

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3 responses to “Ollie’s Law Aims to Raise the Standard for Dog Care in Massachusetts”

  1. Gail Chase says:

    Poor sweet Ollie! My heart hurts whenever I hear something where an animal suffers! However, it’s so good to know that steps have been taken in the hope that this will never happen again! R.I.P. sweetheart! 🙏🐾😘🌹💔

  2. Anylaw to help animals is a priority for me Thanks

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