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Pit Bulls Are Welcome Again In Denver, CO

Paws Up!
February 11, 2020

UPDATE: 2/19/20–Mayor Hancock vetoed the ordinance to keep the ban in place. In order to override Mayor Hancock’s decision, nine votes will be needed. (At the last meeting, two councilmembers were absent.) The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 24th.

To the Denver City Councilmembers who voted in favor to repeal the current ban on pit bulls.

Since 1989, pit bulls were banned from being owned by anyone living in the city or county of Denver, Colorado. It was put in place after several tragic accidents occurred. Attempts to change the ordinance were made, but nothing came to fruition until now. In January, City Councilmember Chris Herndon petitioned for the ban to be repealed, provided that pit bull owners follow a list of requirements. These requirements state that an owner is not allowed to have more than two pit bulls, and they will need to register their dogs with the Denver Animal Protection to receive a “breed restricted” license. Under this license, owners will need to provide:

  • A current address and phone number along with two emergency contacts.
  • Proof of spay or neuter surgery, microchipping, and up-to-date vaccination records.
  • A current photograph of their dog(s).

In the event their dog bites someone or gets loose, the owners are required to contact the Denver Animal Protection within eight hours to report the incident. If there have not been any incidents in three years, they will be allowed to apply for a general license due to their dog’s good behavior. Denver Animal Protection will also need to be notified if their dog dies or they move.

The ordinance was passed with a majority vote of 7-4. It will be enforced ninety days after Mayor Michael Hancock’s signature. These probationary measures hope to give residents some peace of mind as pit bulls are allowed back into Denver’s community.

Take Action: Denver city and county residents, contact your councilmember and thank them for giving pit bulls a chance to be part of the community again.  

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