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Rep. Tony Cardenas Re-Introduces Federal Ban on Greyhound Racing - National Humane Education Society

Paws Up! To CA Representative Tony Cardenas for re-introducing H.R. 3335, the Greyhound Protection Act of 2021.

Dogs are injured and die every year on racetracks for the sake of gambling.

July 16, 2021

After a year fraught with uncertainty amid the pandemic, California Congressman Tony Cardenas has re-introduced H.R. 3335, The Greyhound Protection Act. This bill would phase out all live dog racing in the United States. Currently, only three states still have active dog tracks–Arkansas, West Virginia and Iowa. Arkansas is closing its last track by December 31, 2022.

Greyhound racing has plagued American society for over one hundred years, with the first commercial greyhound track opening in California in 1919. Over the course of only a decade, nearly seventy greyhound racing tracks were functioning across the United States. Since the 1990’s, greyhound gambling has declined in popularity, largely due to animal welfare organizations, like NHES, helping to educate the public about the dark realities of the sport. In 2018, NHES supported and applauded Florida citizens as they overwhelmingly approved Florida Amendment 13 and banned commercial dog racing in their state. 

As more and more states pass legislation to end dog racing, a few states like West Virginia and Iowa are holding out as long as they can. Congressmen like Tony Cardenas have decided that enough is enough, and have introduced a bill that would ban greyhound racing nationwide.

Here are just some of the cruelties involved in the greyhound racing industry:

  • Racing greyhounds have no families. They are leased or owned by a kennel who contracts with commercial racetracks.
  • Racing greyhounds spend most of their non-racing time confined to small crates, devoid of opportunities to play with toys, socialize, or receive obedience training.
  • Rabbits are still used as lures to train greyhounds.
  • The careers of racing greyhounds last only a few years. After dogs can no longer race, a few lucky ones find adoptive homes.

Take Action: You have the power to help this bill pass! Tell your representatives to vote in support of H.R. 3335, The Greyhound Protection Act, so that greyhounds can enjoy life without confinement and torture. Please contact your representatives today and tell them to vote in favor of this federal greyhound racing ban!

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13 responses to “Rep. Tony Cardenas Re-Introduces Federal Ban on Greyhound Racing”

  1. Linda segal says:

    End all greyhound racing

  2. Linda seg says:

    End all greyhound racing

  3. Kristina Marzano says:

    Please support this bill. No dog should be forced to run for human entertainment or profit. Greyhound racing is cruel and it’s time to end this so-called sport.

  4. Glenda Macemore says:

    Ending greyhound racing is long overdue!

  5. Richard Lasseter says:

    Animal abusers are even in our history books! Here’s one for you. Nothing to do with this matter BUT how many of you knew that “our” revered Thomas Edison electrocuted a docile “pet” elephant just to validate an experiment? Google: “The Tragic Story of Nicola Tesla”. Very early 1900’s video show the elephant being led to its death.

  6. kendall march says:

    Please. Dogs are not toys. they suffer just as we do. Please help them/

  7. Margery Gray says:


  8. Please support this bill. No animal should be used for our entertainment

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~M. Gandhi

  9. Marlene Roddy says:

    Please end this horrific, cruel sport. There should be no animal abuse for humans to enjoy. This is horrid and should be outlawed years ago.

  10. Maria Washburn says:

    My request the help of my state representative, Al Lawson Jr. in this matter. Please vote in support of H.R.3335 -The Greyhound Protection Act – . These animals deserve the love and attention of normal family, and not this confinement and torture. Please protect these dogs.

  11. Alexandra Brenke says:

    All my representative ever does is send me a form letter stating he doesn’t “serve on that committee” but will “keep my thoughts in mind” if he ever does, blah blah blah. I don’t think much of him, can you tell?

  12. Dr Elaine schwartz says:

    These are God’s creatures n tortured n not to be used fir entertainment purposes! Shame on u! How would u like it if u were kept in tiny cages n forced to perform n tortured? Greyhound racing has got to stop!

  13. Greyhound racing has to stop. It’s a tortured life for these animals. How would u feel if u were in their place? We are all Gods creatures.

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