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Santa Fe, NM, Passes Ordinance Protecting Dogs

March 14, 2020

This week, the City Council of Santa Fe, New Mexico, voted unanimously in favor of a new ordinance that bans the use of trolley systems to tether dogs outside. The new ordinance also prohibits people from keeping dogs outside when temperatures are below 33 degrees or above 90 degrees. While hooking a dog’s collar and leash to a trolley possibly allows the dog more movement than a traditional tether, the dog is still confined to a small area and could risk serious neck or back injuries from pulling on the chain. For a detailed review on the negative impacts of dog chaining, please visit our Dangers of Dog Chaining page.

This ordinance also gives more authority to animal control officers, who will now have the ability to access private property if the animal appears to be in imminent danger.

Take Action: Thank the Santa Fe City Councilors for voting in favor of this bill, and for putting animals first! Contact your own local and state legislators and ask them to support legislation that promotes the welfare of animals!

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