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Senseless Killing Contests of Coyotes Continue in Nevada

January 5, 2022

Paws Down!

Sadly, in the fall of 2021, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission voted to continue allowing killing contests of predators in their state. 

Many have found solace and rejuvenation in the midst of the great outdoors. The natural wonders encountered in its landscapes and the animals living there have caused many individuals to help raise awareness on ways to conserve its beauty. Wild animals face many dangers as they navigate to find food, water, shelter, and provide for their young. Sadly, their lives are cut short when they encounter predators, habitat loss, food scarcity, and disease. Hunting season greatly decreases their chance of survival. When killing contests are implemented as a means of population control, the results are devastating to the targeted species.

These egregious mass killings desire to remove as many animals as possible with the lure of prizes and prestige. Coyotes are often a focal point for these contests because of their vast numbers due to their adaptability. Coyotes can live in diverse environments and can adapt their diet to survive. That is why the odd sighting of one can occur in urban settings. According to conservationists, coyotes try to avoid humans. When conflicts arise, making loud noises and slowly retreating is the best way to deter them. If you have a small companion animal, always supervise them while they are outside, especially during the early morning and evening. Leaving food outdoors is a common attractant and should be avoided. Education is the key to living together and limiting conflicts with wildlife.

Thankfully, some state lawmakers realize the inhumanness surrounding killing contests and have passed laws prohibiting them. In 2021, Maryland banned the cruel practice and joined these states that have also passed restrictions or bans: Vermont, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Massachusetts. According to a news article, Nevada could have joined that list were it not for one vote in favor to keep the contests alive. There is still hope in the future that this form of killing wild animals for sport or monetary gain will cease to be the norm. 

Take Action: Nevada residents, you can help be the voice for the many wild animals targeted during these contests by contacting your county commissioner to show your support to end these mass killings. If you live in another state that approves this form of wildlife killing, please contact your state wildlife management agency to petition for a ban.

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12 responses to “Senseless Killing Contests of Coyotes Continue in Nevada”

  1. BOB says:

    there is a better way to do this get rid of the assholes killing them

  2. Paula Long says:

    Look outside the box for solutions such as birth control.

  3. Diana Lewis says:

    There’s got to be a better solution than your immediate one!

  4. Phyllis Turner says:

    Killing an animal shouldn’t be glorified and considered a sport to win contests for killing the most animals. This is disgusting and inhumane.

    There are other more humane ways to reduce the population of animals, except you actually have to put forth the time and effort, it is more involved than the quick and inhumane fix of going out and killing the unwanted animals.

    Humans are the only species I think that find joy in killing animals and call it a sport. Animals kill other animals to survive. Humans are who are destroying this planet and causing the extinction of the animals on this planet.

  5. We can find a better way to control the coyote population. Stop the killing immediately!

  6. Marlene Roddy says:

    What is wrong with the American People? So, so fond of cruelty, killling and torture. This is 2022 there gotta be better ways. Please educate yourselves.

  7. Maureen Rifkind says:

    The longer I live the more I see stupid humans getting thrills in doing horrific killing of animals. These animals only want to live in peace. What happens when there are no more animals left to kill? Then I guess we will kill ourselves! Stop this so called sport! Stop being the most horrific animal on earth!

  8. Cheri Pysson says:

    I can’t say anything more profound than the people previous to me. It’s just all so senseless.

  9. Samuela Ramirez says:

    This is totally insane ,why does everything have to end in killing. Or euthanasia haven’t we got smarter than that to find better solutions instead of always disposing of animals lives ?

  10. This is so repulsive! Kill animals for fun and prizes! You’d have to be a psychopath to think this is ok.

  11. Veda Joy says:

    It’s a shame that the state doesn’t understand how important the animals they are killing are to the climate in their area and to the ecology of their state as well as the whole country. Surely they can stop killing the animals and find alternative plans to protect whatever they are trying to protect. However, the animals are more important than any other thing in their state and they should see that before it’s too late. Shame on all the people who are killing or allowing the animals to be killed.

  12. patricia winters says:

    Those who are killing them are evil scum.

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