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The End of Poaching Bear Viscera? - National Humane Education Society

Paws Up! Senator Kennedy and Senator Duckworth introduced the Bear Poaching Elimination Act of 2022, which gives needed protection to bears.

June 9, 2022

Senator John Kennedy for Louisiana and Senator Tammy Duckworth for Illinois introduced S. 3472: Bear Poaching Elimination Act of 2022 on January 11, 2022. This bill prohibits all items or products containing bear viscera from being imported, exported, or traded between states and globally. The bear population in Asia is drastically declining due to people poaching bears for their viscera. However, if the selling and trading of bear viscera end, the global bear population would be conserved.

In China, Vietnam, and South Korea, thousands of bears are confined to tiny cages and are “milked” for their bile. According to a news article, bears stay at these bear “farms” for years. The captive bears have a tube constantly connected to their gallbladders so people can obtain their bile. Sadly, a lot of times during this horrendous process, the bear will end up dying. This practice is not only dangerous for the bears, but it is also cruel.

Throughout the United States, bears are poached for their gallbladders for their value. Each gallbladder can sell for over $1,000. The extracted bile sells for utilization in several items and products, including some traditional medicines and cosmetics. Passing the Bear Poaching Elimination Act of 2022 ensures the United States is not involved in bear poaching. As well as, sets up protection for the bears from possible extinction.

Want to do your part to help the bears? Here is a link to contact your legislators and a link to learn more about wildlife conservation.

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One response to “The End of Poaching Bear Viscera?”

  1. Janice Vlcek says:

    I never knew this. How sad for the bears to be held captive with a tube permantly in their bodies to extract their bile.

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