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The PACT Act Is Waiting for President Trump's Signature

Paws Up!
November 7, 2019

To the House and Senate for passing the PACT Act that would make the egregious acts of torturing animals for crushing videos and other acts of animal cruelty a felony.

Animal cruelty has many ugly faces, from extreme neglect to vicious acts of violence. The road to end it has been a long one. When laws are passed to create a safer world for animals, we are creating a better world for all. The PACT Act, also known as Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, is one such law. It will make egregious acts of intentional cruelty a felony as in “animal crushing” videos. These sadistic videos show small animals being tortured to death. In order to prosecute the creators and distributors of these horrific videos, the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act was passed in 2010. Anyone found guilty would face a fine or up to seven years in prison. Convicting these individuals has proven difficult because the origin and selling of the videos may cross state lines. To help close this gap, the PACT Act was introduced at the beginning of 2019. The House and Senate have passed this bill, and it is awaiting approval by President Trump. If signed, violators of the PACT Act will face felony charges. What a milestone this will be on the road to creating a more humane world for animals!

Learn more about ways to help prevent animal cruelty by ordering or downloading our free brochure here.

Take Action: Contact your House Representative and Senator to thank them for supporting the PACT Act. Continue to support legislation that promotes safeguarding the well-being of animals.

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