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The President Signs PACT Act

November 26, 2019

Yesterday, President Trump signed the Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act into federal law. This legislation cracks down on extreme animal cruelty committed on federal property or in interstate commerce and violators could face federal felony charges.

The PACT Act’s journey began nine years ago when the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act was passed, which cracked down on the creators and distributors of films displaying horrific violence against animals. While possessing or distributing the awful films was a felony, there was still no law against the act of cruelty against the animals. But now, thanks to Florida Representative Theodore Deutch and all the members of Congress who voted for this bill, animal abusers will face more severe punishment for their heinous acts. This indeed is a landmark moment in animal welfare and a milestone on the road to creating a more humane world!

Take Action: Learn more about ways to help prevent animal cruelty by ordering or downloading our free brochure here. Continue to support legislation that protects the welfare of animals in our nation.

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