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Trump Administration Disregards Impact of Border Wall on Animals, Environment

As of February 2020, only 122 miles of the border wall have been completed. The U.S.-Mexican border is 2,000 miles long.

March 25, 2020

In a clear example of the common phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do,” the Trump Administration has ignored federal guidelines set by the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) which requires environmental impact studies to be done before construction of government projects. Not only has the current administration ignored NEPA, but it has also waived thirty-seven different federal regulations–including the Endangered Species Act–to put the border wall project in motion.

While the majority of attention surrounding the border wall project focuses on its negative impact on communities and human rights, little light has been shed on the impact on the environment. The Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program has recently filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court in support of the Center for Biological Diversity’s petition against the federal government’s border wall construction.

Harvard’s Animal Law & Policy Program is focused on improving the treatment of animals in the legal system.

Because the wall is being constructed with concrete and steel rather than traditional fencing, smaller animals will not be able to move from one side to the other. The government’s use of stadium lighting, pesticides, and patrolling of the walled area will greatly impact the migratory patterns of insects and pollinators, including the ever-disappearing monarch butterfly.

Without an environmental impact study, there is no way of knowing how detrimental these actions will be to our environment and wildlife down the road. Blatant disregard for dozens of federal laws should not be ignored.

Take Action: Please–for the sake of the people, the communities, the wildlife, and the environment–tell your lawmakers to oppose legislation supporting the border wall.

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