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U.S. Representatives Introduce Bill to Ban Greyhound Racing Nationwide

Paws Up! To Congressman Tony Cardenas for introducing legislation that would phase out dog racing in the United States.

August 4, 2020

On Wednesday, July 29th, 2020, Congressman Tony Cardenas (D-CA) introduced the Greyhound Protection Act, which would phase out all live dog racing across the United States.

As more and more states pass legislation to end dog racing, a few states like West Virginia and Iowa are holding out as long as they can. Congressmen like Tony Cardenas have decided that enough is enough, and have introduced a bill that would ban greyhound racing nationwide.

Why is Greyhound Racing Cruel?

Here are just some of the cruelties involved in the greyhound racing industry:

  • Racing greyhounds have no families. They are leased or owned by a kennel who contracts with commercial racetracks.
  • Racing greyhounds spend most of their non-racing time confined to small crates, devoid of opportunities to play with toys, socialize, or receive obedience training.
  • Rabbits are still used as lures to train greyhounds.
  • The careers of racing greyhounds last only a few years. After dogs can no longer race, a few lucky ones find adoptive homes.

Take Action: While this bill is in its very early stages, it is never too early to talk to your representatives! Please contact them today and tell them to vote in favor of this federal greyhound racing ban!

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7 responses to “U.S. Representatives Introduce Bill to Ban Greyhound Racing Nationwide”

  1. Rebecca Cavanaugh says:

    Please ban dog racing!

  2. Tamara Harris says:

    It’s time to stop using animals for sport.

  3. Dog Racing must be banned forever. These beautiful dogs are brutalized and tortured for their entire loves.

  4. AIXA FIELDER says:

    Greyhounds are victims of Human Disease of “Gambling” Time to go to “Gambling Anonymous” and are used for profit and treated badly for profit. End this bad game!

  5. Laura North says:

    More abuse of animals! Terrible!

  6. Mike Anuszewski says:

    Greyhound racing is cruel and senseless. Just think if one of these greyhounds was your family pet. Would you still allow this to take place? Please ban this forever!

  7. TRACY JACOBY says:

    I want Greyhound Racing banned forever! These beautiful dogs deserve to be treated with love, affection, comfortable surroundings and respect. I detest all animal racing and wish it were all banned forever as well. This horrible form of human gambling is totally unnecessary!

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