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U.S. Senators Introduce PREDATORS Act

August 7, 2019

Last week, senators reached across the aisle to find an innovative and humane solution to help minimize human-predator conflict. Although Congress nor the Fish and Wildlife Service have been able to create a program that promotes predatory animals and humans living in harmony together without lethal means, they are suggesting opening the floor to technological innovators to compete for an annual prize in order to find a humane solution to the ever-increasing problem.

The Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize for Reducing Human-Predator Conflict will “encourage technological innovation with the potential to advance the mission of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service with respect to reducing the frequency of human-predator conflict using nonlethal means,” according to the bill’s text.

Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization of the country’s once wild lands, wild animals have been losing their natural habitats. As people continue to encroach upon the habitats of predatory animals such as bears, mountain lions, and wolves, conflict—such as attacks involving these wild animals—are increasing. These animals are integral to the health and balance of our ecosystems, and with grey wolves teetering on the edge of extinction after decades of culling by the Fish and Wildlife Service, we must work together for a better answer.

Take Action: This bill has just been introduced in the Senate. Please contact your U.S. Senators by clicking here and tell them to support the PREDATORS Act (S. 2194) so we can continue to find humane ways to solve problems together as a nation.

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2 responses to “U.S. Senators Introduce PREDATORS Act”

  1. Eileen Kulp says:

    sent requests to both PA senators to sponsor this Bill when it is presented before them.

  2. Eileen Kulp says:

    KUDOS to the above Senators for presenting this Bipartisan Bill. Proud of you!! Now let’s get more on Board to help preserve OUR WILDLIFE, what’s left of it. I’ll be contacting my senators to support this PREDATORS Act. Generations to come should be able to enjoy and marvel at the site of seeing these beautiful creatures in their habitats not in a cage or hung on a wall, stuffed.

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