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Universities Are Adding More Animal Law Programs

August 9, 2019

There is a trend growing among universities across the United States that is an exciting development for the animal welfare community. According to Harvard Law Today, Harvard University is opening an Animal Law & Policy Clinic which will focus on educating its law students on legislation and policy-making that affect farmed animals, wildlife, and animals in captivity. Oklahoma City University has also just announced they are launching a new Animal Law Program due to the growing demand by students for more animal-related law courses.

In just twenty years, the number of universities offering animal law programs has sky-rocketed from fewer than ten to over 160. This uptick is largely due to more and more young people growing up with compassion for animals. Whether children are taught about the importance of kindness toward animals at home or in the classroom, it is plain to see that humane education has had a tremendous effect on our society today, and will for generations to come.

Take Action: Teaching children to be kind to animals helps them grow into responsible, compassionate adults. Visit our Humane Education page for a list of resources, activities, and ideas to get children in your family, school, or community to learn about animal welfare issues.

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One response to “Universities Are Adding More Animal Law Programs”

  1. Joy Gayton says:

    I Think That This Is Such A Great Idea Especially With ALL That’s Going On With Animal’s Especially Being Used To Experiment On & Dog’s Are Euthanized Because They’re Too Old Or No One Want’s To Adopt Them Or Help Them Out Especially When They Need Help.

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