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Update: House Votes to Keep Horses Safer on the Road

Paws Up! To the U.S. House of Representatives for voting in favor of the Horse Transportation Safety Act.

July 3, 2020

The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1400, The Horse Transportation Safety Act, on Wednesday. This legislation will now be added to House Resolution 2, the Moving Forward Act, which is expected to be approved in Congress in September.

Horses will no longer be subjected to dangerous and abusive transport methods, such as double-deck trailers, across the United States. This will ensure safer roadways for animals and people!

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3 responses to “Update: House Votes to Keep Horses Safer on the Road”

  1. Diana Lewis says:

    Please keep horses safe!

  2. Cheryl Ash says:

    Thank you…now let’s do something about other abuses like soring, and slaughter

  3. Beverly Harris says:

    I so agree with Cheryl above. Horses are abused in so many ways. Hopefully this transport law will help but soring, cruel slaughter methods and using helicopters to manage wild horses to name a few must be stopped immediately.

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