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Update: NM Gov. Grisham Signs Anti-Trapping Law

Paws Up! To New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for signing Roxy’s Law!

April 8, 2021

After nearly two years of debate in the state legislature, New Mexico Senate Bill 32, also known as “Roxy’s Law,” made it to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk last week. Now, with Governor Grisham’s signature, Senate Bill 32 has become law–a major victory for wildlife, companion animals, and nature lovers alike.

The Mexican gray wolf is critically endangered and must be protected from careless and cruel traps.

Roxy’s Law will ban the use of poisons, traps, and snares on public lands in the state of New Mexico, which have seriously injured or killed hundreds of thousands of innocent and threatened wildlife for over a decade. Many times these traps and snares are set in unsuspecting places where hikers and dog walkers traverse. In 2018, an off-leash dog named Roxy was sadly killed when she accidentally got caught in a neck snare (click here to read the original story on Roxy’s Law). Since then, lawmakers and animal welfare advocates have fought to abolish these cruel and careless practices.

Take Action: Please take a moment to thank Governor Grisham for signing Roxy’s Law and for taking steps toward protecting New Mexico’s wildlife!

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5 responses to “Update: NM Gov. Grisham Signs Anti-Trapping Law”

  1. To the Honorable Gov. Grisham,

    Thank you for outlawing snares, poisons and traps on public lands. They need to be outlawed altother.


    Patricia Perron

  2. Jennifer Valentine says:

    Gov. Grisham,
    Thank you for outlawing snares, poisons and traps on public lands.

  3. Maureen Rifkind says:

    Thank you Governor Grisham for signing this law to ban snares, poison and traps to save our pets and the wildlife that walk thru the woods in New Mexico. It is so dangerous for people as well as animals to be captured in one of those traps. I hope other Governors have the courage to follow you in doing the same thing. Bless you.

  4. gumus ozkok says:

    thank you governer !

  5. Pamela Olsen says:

    Thank you for your humanity.

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