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UPDATE: WV Senate Votes 23-11 Against Ending Greyhound Racing - National Humane Education Society

Paws Down!
February 27, 2020

In an upsetting turn of events, the majority of West Virginia’s state senators voted against Senate Bill 285, which would have saved 2,000 greyhounds and over $15 million in state funds.

The West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund currently receives $15 million from the state of West Virginia annually, which is used to fund greyhound racing at two of the greyhound racing tracks in the state. By passing this bill, the state would have stopped funding the greyhound racing industry and most likely would have forced the two remaining West Virginian dog tracks to close. That $15 million would have been used instead to support education, healthcare, road repairs, and countless other areas where West Virginians desperately need state funding.

Take Action: Don’t give up hope! WV Senate President Mitch Carmichael plans to introduce the bill again next year. In the meantime, if you are a West Virginian, please contact your senators and convey to them your disappointment that SB 285 did not pass, and that you hope they will vote in favor of a similar bill next year!

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7 responses to “UPDATE: WV Senate Votes 23-11 Against Ending Greyhound Racing”

  1. M. Noel says:

    What is wrong here…forced to run, then caged. Seems like horses. So stop these cruelties. Animals forced to run for the amusement and $ they can bring. So many end up wore out and losers tossed away. Where is the love. Kindness to these poor creatures.

  2. Is animal pain, hurt and abuse have a price? It obviously does in WV. Hard to imagine.

  3. Aha! One thing I did just find out by googling Grey 2K is that Grey2K (along with so many other animal groups) is vilified by Puppy Mill advocate, noted”anti-“animal rights” and horse meat proponent Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil products. One of his henchmen (Dave Dechent sp?) was on FOX News Channel’s Tucker Carlson program wearing a Lucas Oil cap and espousing that horses were “livestock” so could and should be killed and eaten when appropriate. What a Lucas prostitute and jerk HE is! So pay attention who and why some are against ANY animal welfare group. Lucas’ website is “Protect the Harvest”, so when you see THAT, just know who’s behind it! …

  4. Sue says:

    Horrible news! I hope these people get voted out of office. They are supporting a very cruel practice and they need to step down and let more enlightened people run the government.

  5. Marie Colvin says:

    Greyhounds are beautiful dogs and do not deserve to be treated so cruelly. They run and then they are housed in cages and finally when they can no longer make money for you, they are thrown away. Shame on you who support this terrible practice. Stop this now. Save the greyhounds!

  6. Tammy Marin says:

    West Virginia….I would think you would want the state’s tourism to prosper. I can tell you that there are many people in the U.S. who would love to come to your beautiful state, but not while you have this disgusting sport. I went to Virginia Tech and many of my friends were from West Virginia. They too believe this is a disgusting sport and should be stopped. I will NOT come to West Virginia and will be sure to tell others not to visit until this ends.

  7. Eileen Kulp says:

    These BIG SHOTS need to fall into the electric fence and get a JOLT!!! How GD STUPID ARE YOU IDIOTS?? Do you have any IDEA the life of a Grey Hound? I’d like to put you in a cage and leave you there for several hours and overnite, deprive you of food and water, exercise, and then when you can’t perform, they may be used in a Dog Blood bank, which is even worse, for these poor animals. Shame on the Politicians for ALLOWING THIS ABUSE TO CONTINUE!!! YOU’RE A DISGRACE TO YOUR STATE!!!!!

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