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VA Bill Seeks To Give Tethered Dogs More Freedom

Paws Up!
February 5, 2019

To the Virginia House of Delegates for passing House Bill 1827 that would help better the lives of tethered dogs.

UPDATE: HB 1827 failed when voted on by the Senate 4-8 on 2/8/19.

The safety and quality of life for dogs who exist on the end of a chain are continually being addressed by lawmakers throughout the United States. Studies have shown that tethered dogs can suffer from a variety of physical and psychological problems that range from ingrown collars to aggressive behaviors. Dogs who live outside 24/7 cannot get adequate exercise or the proper socialization needed to live a happy and healthy life.

Virginia House Delegate Robert D. Orrock (R) has introduced House Bill 1827 with the hopes to give chained dogs more room to move by increasing the required length of their chain. This increase is a step in the right direction to help create a more humane life for these dogs. HB 1827 was referred to the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources.

To learn more about the dangers of prolonged chaining, please download our free brochure here.

Take Action: Virginians contact your Senator to show your support that HB 1827 should have been passed to help create a better life for dogs who live outside.

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