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Virginia Lawmakers Redefine Humane Standards for Chained Dogs - National Humane Education Society

April 1, 2020

The Virginia House and Senate just sent a bill to Governor Northam’s desk which would impose more requirements on those who tether their dogs outside.

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Dangers of Dog Chaining

Senate Bill 272, which was passed by both the House and Senate last week, would increase the allowable length of a dog’s tether from at least ten feet or three times the length of the animal, to fifteen feet or four times the dog’s length, whichever is greater. The law also raises current standards for “adequate shelter” for tethered dogs to cover extreme temperatures, weather advisories, and safety from predators.

If signed into law, the new provisions would prohibit dog owners from tethering their dogs between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when the temperature is over 85 degrees or under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, when the owner is not home, and during a heat advisory or a weather warning. The law would also grant animal control officers more flexibility in enforcing these laws upon inspecting an animal’s individual needs and circumstances.

Take Action: Please contact Governor Ralph Northam and urge him to sign Senate Bill 272 into law to further protect Virginia’s animals from mistreatment, danger, and neglect!

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One response to “Virginia Lawmakers Redefine Humane Standards for Chained Dogs”

  1. Karen Reuterf says:

    Please sign this humane bill to protect our furry helpless family – they depend on you to do the right thing ! Owner of dog and cats , all rescues!

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