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Wolves Are In Danger of Being Endangered...Again

Paws Down! To the state legislatures of Idaho and Montana for promoting the deregulation of hunting and killing of wolves after they were removed from the Endangered Species List last year.

September 21, 2021

After a contentious battle over the listing status of the American gray wolf last year, they were sadly removed from the Endangered Species List, and their fate now lies in the hands of the state governments. Just as many wildlife conservationists expected, state governments loosened their regulations on hunting gray wolves, and in some cases, even promoted the killing of multiple gray wolves per hunter. It seems 2021 has been an “open season” on wolves in the western United States. Idaho and Montana have implemented such destructive hunting and trapping laws that each state could wipe out 85% or more of their wolf population.

Unsurprisingly, their population is dwindling again to devastating numbers, and if nothing is done soon about these wolf killing sprees, they will surely be endangered again. That’s why last week, several animal welfare groups petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to reinstate the gray wolf as a federally protected species, which would ban states from hunting them in the deregulated fashion they have been this year. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service responded to the petition and announced that they would be reviewing the possibility of restoring federal protections to gray wolves in states such as Idaho and Montana where deregulated killing has been allowed. They have until May 2022 to make a decision on the gray wolf’s fate.

How can I help wild animals targeted by hunting?

  • If you own land, post signage stating that hunting will not be permitted on your property.
  • Encourage your children to safely photograph, instead of harm, wild animals.
  • Support parks and sanctuaries that prohibit hunting.
  • Support legislation that limits hunting within your state.

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    stop hunting

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