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A Chained Dog in Oklahoma Brings to Light the Inhumane Practices of Tethering

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September 11, 2020

To Robert Riojas for contacting Representative Mickey Dollens to help create change for tethered dogs in Oklahoma.

Throughout the United States, countless dogs are living at the end of a chain. Sadly, many suffer and perish due to limited or non-existent laws, as in Lily’s tragic death in Las Vegas. In order to help prevent more deaths, like Lily’s, it is imperative to advocate for stricter laws to be passed. Your voice makes a difference. A phone call, letter, or email to your local or state representative may be the one needed to help ignite leaders to create change on behalf of animals.

One Oklahoman did just that. Robert Riojas spoke up for tethered dogs in his state, after finding a loose dog wandering around in his yard. That day changed the pit bull mix’s life, and possibly others like her forever. Robert Riojas was appalled as he watched the friendly dog drag a huge towing chain behind her. It was tightly padlocked around her neck without a collar. Rather than ignore her, he came to her aid and called the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. Then he went a step further by calling Representative Mickey Dollens (D-District 93) to find out how to prevent owners from using cruel practices, like heavy chains, to tether their dogs. 

In response to Riojas’ phone call, Representative Dollens is working toward advocating for a state-wide ban on heavy chains and other forms of extremely heavy tethers. Oklahoma does not have any restrictions or regulations regarding tethered dogs. Robert Riojas’ choice to help the dog, now named Lucky, could be the turning point for chained dogs all across Oklahoma to create a more humane world. Lucky, the once chained dog, received her happy ending when Robert Riojas adopted her.

Take Action: Oklahomans contact your legislator to show your support to create stricter laws to help protect dogs, like Lucky, who live their lives tethered 24/7. If you reside in District 93, please contact Representative Mickey Dollens to show your support and thank him for pursuing tethering restrictions.

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8 responses to “A Chained Dog in Oklahoma Brings to Light the Inhumane Practices of Tethering”

  1. We need more people like the guy that saved Lucky. Heavy chains should be outlawed across the country. Along with leaving animals tied up outside 24/7 in all kinds of weather.

  2. Elizabeth Watson says:

    This is a case of animal cruelty, pure and simple.

  3. Angela Tocci says:

    No animal should be kept on a chain outside without protection from the elements and without proper food/water. An animal needs being around people receiving loving and care. Not shut away from others living a lonely life at the end of a chain. This is not life but being a prisoner! This is also animal cruelty. However, the individuals that do this — would they like to live a life like this? Maybe giving them 24 hours at the end of a chain will teach them that this is no way to live!

  4. Randall Bash says:


  5. Mona Hlasny says:

    Those who chain innocent animals exposing them to the elements, snow, ice, drain, burning sunshine, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. These evil assholes have NO use in our society. They should be chained by the neck for a few winters and see how THEY like it! Didn’t their teachers/parents teach them it’s WRONG to abuse animals? DUH?

  6. t says:

    the chains should be put on the people who do this.Animals are so much better than people…in many cases…

  7. Eileen Kulp says:

    Congratulations to Robert on adopting Lucky, she deserves a good home with you. And KUDOS to Representative Mickey Dollens for getting the Ball rolling on Stricter Tethering laws. We have them here in PA and it’s about time that more states get them. If you’re going to tether a dog all day, why even bother getting a dog? Think about that. It makes no sense, because you’ll ignore the dog and eventually it will lead to something very tragic, which could have been avoided. People really need to think before they decide to purchase an animal. It’s a Life long commitment.

  8. Richard Lasseter PhD says:

    Why or why is it so hard to get such cruelty bans enacted? Oklahomans … get this taken care of and prosecute these human debris animal abusers!
    A sympathetic Georgian

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