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Children’s Books–Cats

Big Ole Striped Silas by Grannie Snow
Grannie Snow Productions, 2014 Silas really puts his best paw forward when “a sweet smelling lady” arrives at the shelter in search of a new housemate. When his dream to find a home comes true, Silas gives his shelter buddies a pep talk to encourage them to not give up hope in finding a home too. Big Ole Striped Silas will take your child through the sadness and loneliness of losing a beloved pet, to the joys and comfort of finding a new housemate. Big Ole Striped Silas is the first book in “The Silas Series: The Adventures of Silas and Opal.”
Cats, Pet Adoption, Pet Loss, Companion Animals

Bravest Cat, The: The True Story of Scarlett by Laura Driscoll
Groset & Dunlap, 1997
Read the true story about a special cat who saves her kittens from a fire and how the community steps in to find homes for all of the furry victims.
Cats, Companion Animals

It’s Raining Cats and Cats by Jeanne Prevost and Amelia Hanse
The Gryphon Press, 2008
What might happen if a family’s cat wasn’t spayed? This book imagines the chaotic outcome and helps explain this important surgery to children.
Cats, Companion Animals, Spay/Neuter

Rescue Kitty: A special cat, a big surprise, a happy ending by Brenda Fiorini
Granny Rose Animal Shelter, 2013
The main character, Cally, is a young cat who has been spotted by a boy who wants to discover why she is hanging around his house. After a suspenseful rescue mission, he and his mother discover there is one more surprise that awaits them. Find out what happens to Cally in Rescue Kitty. This touching story is cleverly crafted in rhyming verse that makes it fun for children and adults alike to read, yet teaches about the serious topic of homeless animals and the need to be responsible, caring, and loving owners. It is a story worth reading time and again.
Cats, Stray Animals, Spay/Neuter, Rescue

Two Bobbies by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery
Walker Publishing Company, 2008
This is the true story of a dog and cat who survive Hurricane Katrina by staying together. There is a surprise twist highlights the unbelievable bond between animals.
Cats, Companion Animals, Dogs

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