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North Las Vegas Improves Animal Welfare Laws After Dog's Tragic Death Last Summer

Paws Up! To the North Las Vegas City Council for strengthening their animal welfare ordinances.

January 7, 2021

Last summer, the citizens of North Las Vegas were up in arms after the horrible death of Lily, a chained dog who succumbed to the torturous Nevada heat because her owner would not bring her inside (see our original article about Lily here). Her senseless death ignited outrage at the current status of animal cruelty laws in the city, and many people came together to spur action in the City Council to change these laws for the better.

Last month, their efforts were rewarded when the North Las Vegas City Council passed a new ordinance with stricter penalties for animal cruelty. According to Nevada Voters for Animals, an animal advocate group that has been fighting for justice for Lily, the new ordinance requires that animals can only be chained for up to 10 hours in a 14-hour period, that all animals outdoors should have shade and shelter when temperatures are over 85 degrees, and that pet owners must provide a cooling system such as water misting or air conditioning if temperatures exceed 105 degrees.

Take Action: The City of North Las Vegas has taken a big step toward improving the lives of animals in their city. Please take a moment to thank the City Council for making these changes happen. Click here to be taken to their message page. Continue to write to your own city governments to improve animal welfare regulations in your area so that no dog suffers the way Lily did.

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