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Prefiled Bill Aims to Include Animal Neglect as a Form of Torture in Kentucky - National Humane Education Society

Update (2/9/21): Unfortunately, House Bill 57 did not pass.

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October 14, 2020

To Kentucky Representative Chris Freeland for prefiling a bill that would amend KRS 525.135 to add animal neglect as a form of torture.

If you share your house with a companion animal, then you know how much your furry friend relies on you for sustenance, shelter, and veterinary care to live a happy and healthy life. Sadly, countless companion animals are abused every day. Their abusers may face minimal to zero penalties. This reality is hard to understand. Many individuals and lawmakers are continually fighting to change that. In 2019, The PACT Act was signed, creating the first federal legislation to combat animal cruelty relating to the egregious act of “crushing.” Anyone who is found guilty of participating in this horrific form of animal cruelty will face felony charges. The resources to adequately enforce animal cruelty penalties often are lacking, so in August 2020, Representative Neguse introduced The ACE Act. This piece of legislation would create a division within the Department of Justice.

In Kentucky, Representative Chris Freeland (R- District 6) is fighting for cats and dogs in his state by prefiling Bill Request 284 that would add neglect as a form of torture to the current law, KRS 525.135. If the amendment passes, anyone who confines a companion animal and allows them to suffer by withholding “food, water, adequate shelter, or life-saving medical care” may face a Class D felony. Sadly, this happened to a pit bull named Vee. She perished from starvation and dehydration after her owner abandoned her in a crate. The bill also specifies what acts are considered torturous and increases the penalty for first-time offenders from a Class A misdemeanor charge to a Class D felony.

Take Action: Please help create a more humane world for companion animals by supporting legislation to increase animal cruelty penalties. Kentuckians, thank Representative Freeland, and stay up-to-date on actions regarding Bill Request 284 by following the LRC TweetBot.

Learn ways to prevent animal cruelty by downloading our free brochure.

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11 responses to “Prefiled Bill Aims to Include Animal Neglect as a Form of Torture in Kentucky”

  1. Daisy Fannin says:

    Please Kentucky stop this animal cruelty!!
    Kentucky is my home state. I grew up there on a farm many years ago and animal cruelty was an everyday thing, which I hated. I loved our farm animals and my mother and father supported that. I will be glad to see this bill passed, so I can be proud of my state once again.

  2. Marge Garvey says:

    Neglect is a form of animal torture. Maybe the worst kind because they do not understand that it is.

  3. Jo Oppenheimer says:

    Neglect is cruel. It is a form of torture. I would hope this bill would pass. It’s a way of holding those who neglect their animal accountable.

  4. carla Gilmore says:

    I agree. yay. please help. please please

  5. c Gilmore says:

    please please help

  6. dianne bianco says:

    all animal abuse is unacceptable, even emotional

  7. Kathleen Purtill says:

    All animals are gods creatures and are sent here for a purpose NEGLECT IS NOT IN GODS PLAN

  8. Kim Venturo says:

    Neglect is most definitely cruelty. It must be outlawed and accompanied with severe punishment.

  9. judi groscost says:

    Why has it taken so long for this to happen???I live in calif hope we can get something like this.

  10. I do not know what would possess someone to treat an animal in this horrendous way. Any form of abuse is outrages and Kentucky please get this bill passed! Animals are counting on you and all of us to help them, we are their voices!!!

  11. Animals a sentient beings with high intelligence,sensitivity, and love. They are dependent on us for reciprocal love, through care and meeting their needs. People who neglect or torture animals should be charged with a felony and face imprisonment.

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