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Update: Gov. Northam Signs SB 272 Into Law

Aprill 18, 2020

Effective on July 1, 2020, dog owners are prohibited from tethering their dogs between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when the temperature is over 85 degrees or under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, when the owner is not home, and during a heat advisory or a weather warning. The law will also grant animal control officers more flexibility in enforcing these laws upon inspecting an animal’s individual needs and circumstances.

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Take a moment to thank Governor Northam for helping to improve the lives of animals in Virginia.

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4 responses to “Update: Gov. Northam Signs SB 272 Into Law”

  1. Leslie Butler says:

    This is a ridiculous law. One size doesn’t fit all. Some dogs prefer to be outside and are escape artists. Dogs are property and the property owner should be deciding what is best for their dogs.

    • Leslie,

      If you read the article and the bill text, you will see that this law gives animal control officers more flexibility in enforcing these laws on a case-by-case basis, because yes, no dog or situation is “one size fits all.”

      However, dogs are animals which are sentient creatures who experience emotions, pain, and suffering. They are not just property. If you only view your dog as property that sits on a chain, perhaps it would be better for you to find a more loving home for the dog where he/she can have a full, happy life.

    • Mary Finelli says:

      Sure, Leslie Butler, just like human slaves used to be “property.” We need anti-cruelty laws because too many guardians don’t do what is best for the dogs for whom they are supposed to be responsible. Dogs should not be tethered outside unsupervised at all.

      • Anna Roche says:

        Governor Northam,
        Thank you for passing SB272 into law. Animals will no longer have to suffer from extreme heat or cold while being tethered outside. I for one are truely grateful. As i’m sure all dogs in Virginia will be.

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