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Update: NY Bill Banning Pet Stores from Selling Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits Is on the Governor’s Desk - National Humane Education Society

September 16, 2022

The New York Assembly voted in favor of Assembly Bill 4283 to prohibit retail stores from selling cats, dogs, and rabbits acquired from commercial breeders and promoting pet adoption.

Maya (aka Marigold) & her puppies rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

Lawmakers in New York have been advocating for the welfare of cats, dogs, and rabbits sold in pet stores acquired from commercial breeding facilities, aka puppy mills. These breeding facilities are void of compassion and kindness. The female animals are kept in cages limiting their movements in filthy conditions. They are forced to continually have offspring until they succumb to illness or can no longer have any more babies. These entities do not view animals as sentient creatures. Instead, the animals are viewed as objects that serve a monetary purpose. With this mindset, operating expenses are kept to a bare minimum by providing little to no food, veterinary care, staff to care for the animals, or climate-controlled shelters to keep the animals out of the cold or heat. These facilities are the dark truth behind adorable puppies, kittens, and rabbits showcased at some pet stores throughout the United States.

Samoa rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

Currently, a bill to stop puppy mills is on Governor Hochul’s desk. This bill seeks to 1) protect individuals from unknowingly obtaining a sick animal that was sourced from a commercial breeding facility and 2) stop commercial breeders from being able to sell their puppies, kittens, or rabbits to retail stores.

Learn more about the atrocities of puppy mills by downloading our free brochure here, or order up to 25 of our Puppy Mill brochures to hand out at local events or in your neighborhood. (Our print brochures are free, you pay a flat rate shipping/handling fee.)

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