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Update: Pit Bulls Will Be on the Voting Ballot in Colorado

Update: Coloradoans voted YES to 2J on November 3, 2020!

Paws Up!
August 19, 2020

To the Denver City Councilmembers for voting in favor to let Coloradoans decide whether or not to get rid of the current pit bull ban in Denver.

At the beginning of 2020, there was cause for celebration for pit bulls in Denver, Colorado, when city councilmembers passed an ordinance to change the pit bull ban. Unfortunately, Mayor Hancock vetoed the ordinance, and not enough votes were garnered to overturn it.

On August 10th, 2020, the Denver City Councilmembers revisited the issue of repealing the ban, thanks to the persistence of Councilmember Chris Herndon. File # 20-0760 was voted on favorably, 12-1, to consider having it put on the voting ballot in November. It was sent for a second vote on August 17th and passed unanimously. This decision to give Colorado residents the power to choose the outcome may be a win for pit bulls and their families. If a majority of Coloradoans vote yes to repeal the ban, pit bulls will, once again, be allowed back in Denver in January 2021!

Take Action: Coloradoans, if you believe that pit bulls should not be judged by their appearance and given a chance to reside in Denver, please show your support by voting YES to 2J.

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30 responses to “Update: Pit Bulls Will Be on the Voting Ballot in Colorado”

  1. Diana Lewis says:

    Please we have one golf the most affectionate Pitt bulls who is great around small children and other dogs and cats thanks to their loving parents.’

  2. Maureen Rifkind says:

    Please Coloradoans vote to allow the pit bull to come back to ur state! Do not judge an animal by its appearance like we seem to do with people! We are all different as is the animals that God put on this earth. Save the pit bull species! Not all dogs are bad! It’s their owners that turn them bad!

  3. Julie Barnes says:

    Do not judge any animal or person by appearance.
    Every animal and person can be helped and no animal should be prohibited.
    There are no bad animals only incompetent people who shouldn’t have animals to begin with.

  4. Sue Wessner says:

    Agreed that owners are the problem with any dog – not the breed of dog. My daughter has a pit and she is the most gentle freindly dog. Great with my toddler grandchildren.

  5. Krista Joyner says:

    We cannot arbitrarily decide that a breed is dangerous. Please overturn this ban.

  6. This breed is by far one of the most loving and affectionate dogs I have ever had and that includes around my grandchildren. We got her from a rescue at three yrs. old and never for one day did we regret it and now she is twelve. This breed definitely deserves their chance to show what a wonderful family member they are.

  7. DONNA TAYLOR says:


  8. TED SCOTT says:


  9. Diana Lewis says:

    My daughter has the most lovable pit bull; it’s all in the positive training!

  10. Lance Kammerud says:

    Every dog no matter the breed is a reflection of the dogs owner. I have a pittie and have had them in the past…they’re big babies, they are affectionate, loyal and love people and especially kids. The nanny breed

  11. Diana Lewis says:

    Our daughter has the most lovable Pitt bull! It all in the training with compassion!

  12. Eleanor Kashmanian says:

    NO, THEY SHOULD NOT BE BANNED. The owners are the problem. They are loving dogs. I was in a park one time and I saw a man with a pit bull shaking a kitten in the dog’s face, making the dog aggressive. The Man was making the dog mad. I called the police. People like these should never own ANY animal. If anyone is to be judged it is the OWNER. They kill the animals, and the owner that caused the problem just gets another one to take the place of the poor dog, that was TRAINED TO BE MEAN. My heart goes out to people that really love their pets and their pets are labeled mean dogs. THE DOG SHOULD NOT BE THE VICTIM. LOOK into the owner to see what kind of person they are. I am a CAT person and an animal lover.
    I helped a pit bull that was standing outside of a bank wagging his tail. No one knew him. I called the shelter to see if anyone lost him. A person that saw him with me said he was hit by a car. They sent a police car to help, but no one wanted to pick him up to put him in it, So I picked him up and put him in. The tag he had on had his address, 2 streets away. they drove him home and got the owner, and he said OH he gets out all the time to the officer that released him to his owner. THEN I saw the owner yell and swear at the poor dog. The owner knew he was hit by a car, and did nothing about it. He wasn’t hurt bad, BUT he didn’t care, that he was even hit. PLEASE DO NOT BAN PIT BULLS.

  13. Netta Nolen says:

    I am 75 years old and I have the most loving rescued pit bull who is now 8 years old. I’ve had her since she was 4 months old. She never had pups but tried mothering all the little dogs. Loves my great grand babies when they come over. Please don’t judge them all over a few bad ones. It’s not fair to the breed.

  14. Julie says:

    If pit bulls are banned we all know that people will find other aggressive dogs. It’s not the breed it’s irresponsible pet owners and people who fight dogs.

  15. L. Ryalsq1 says:

    Pit Bulls are not born vicious; they are trained to be that way by insensitive humans!!! All Pit Bulls should NOT be banned!!!

  16. Noel Ignacio says:

    Pit bulls are one of the most lovable pets, my son has 5 of them and whenever I visit they want to cuddle with you, one even sleeps with me when I stay over, Its the people who own them that should be banned, that train them to be vicious, it sickens me

  17. christine says:

    no they are not dangerous, its the people who own them and the breeders, My son has a part pit bull and he is the most lovable dog . I love him to pieces.

  18. Leif says:

    Pit Bulls are by nature very affectionate, friendly, loyal and gentle. We have 2 pitty puppies that were rescued from horrible conditions- out of a litter of 5, they were the only two to survive, but just barely. A shelter took them in, gave them medical treatment, helped them gain some weight, and then were kind enough to let us adopt them. In spite of all the cruelty they suffered for the first few months of their life, they have never been anything but delightful. We have 3 children, a cat and 2 rabbits and they all get along swimmingly. Every person or animal they come across they are happy to meet. Don’t be this close minded- these are amazing companions.

  19. Liane Rainer says:

    Vicious people are to blame, who train the
    pit bulls for fighting and make them deliberately aggressive.

  20. Martha F Redsecker says:

    The idea that WHITE SUPREME’S should run this country as the current potus believes, is MORE ABHORRENT than this country deserves. When we start judging animals by their “breed” it is more ludicrous than ever. PEOPLE MAKE ANIMALS WHAT They BECOME! STOP THIS NONSENSICAL BAN on animals. HUMANS ARE THE PROBLEM so maybe WE should be banned instead?

  21. Judith Kleuser says:

    I do not live in Co. but I am a animal caretaker by profession. The Pit bulls I have cared for are the most loving, smart, and well behaved of any breed. I strongly feel that the bad rap they have received was do to the training of a few, those provide with love and caring from birth respond in that way.

  22. ADRIENNE JONAS says:

    it isn’t the pit bull that should be banned but irresponsible owners who train dogs to be aggressive or fight – and if you ban pit bulls these people will train other breeds to be aggressive, like doberman, preso caneria, etc….don’t judge the dog by its breed

  23. Kitty says:

    Pitities should not be banned but some of their owners should. The problem Pit bulls often learn bad behavior from their abusers.

  24. Maryjane Tawney says:

    I am an animal before child birth! Back in the day Dobermans and Rottweilers had the bad reputation. As you know any animal and human beings are the outcome of their upbringing and how they were raised. My animals both dogs and cats, whether mutts are of a special breed are the most loving and loyal companions and truly one God’s greatest gifts and a blessing! Can’t imagine my life without them. All life matters, both human and animal!! GOD BLESS THEM ALL!



  26. Not the breed, it’s the training!

  27. Toni Day says:

    People need to stop traveling to Colorado if they can’t deal with the beautiful pitbull breed

  28. Howard Olinsky says:

    We rescued a sweet, sweet Pitbull and he is the sweetest, kindest Pit, loves every person that he comes across and is very dog friendly! The issue of banning an entire breed is ignorant and dangerous. Evaluate the Individual dog and the circumstances around the event, not the entire breed as a whole. Come on folks of CO, your better than that!

  29. M Lopezbros says:

    People are vicious not pit bulls! It is humans who train these dogs to be vicious or who abuse them in such a way where they have to protect and defend themselves. All animals can be loving if treated with care and respect.

  30. Myke says:

    If You Get A Dog It Helps To Train It!

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