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Florida Continues the Fight for a Statewide Animal Abuser Registry - National Humane Education Society

January 14, 2022

Paws Up!

Florida Representative Kristen Arrington and Senator Shervin Jones are fighting to protect animals and keep them out of the hands of animal abusers with House Bill 1341/Senate Bill 1806.

The unspeakable acts of violence and neglect inflicted on animals by abusers are disturbing. The sight of skeletal dogs like Vee and Ethan in Kentucky and the tragic death of Lily in Nevada are devastating. Often these precious animals go unseen, and the abusers go unpunished until they are brought to light in the media. Many individuals are outraged by these vicious acts and seek ways to help prevent them and appropriately punish the abusers. The evil seems to outweigh the good at times, but many advocates have not let that lessen their drive to petition for better animal welfare laws. With the passage of each animal law, hope ignites others to push for continued change in creating more compassion and kindness towards all animals.

Gifford rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

In 2018, Massachusetts passed a law to increase the penalties for animal abuse with the PAWS II Act. Last year, New York passed a law to help prevent animals from being subjected to continuous abuse by requiring veterinarians to report any suspicious injuries. This year, Florida has reintroduced legislation to prohibit animal abusers from obtaining animals after being found guilty of animal abuse. It was unsuccessful in 2017 and 2018.

According to a news articleRepresentative Arrington (D-District 43) and Senator Jones (D-District 35) introduced House Bill 1341 and Senate Bill 1806. Hopefully, 2022 will be the year that Florida creates a statewide animal abuser registry. If passed, individuals convicted of animal abuse would be placed on the registry and published on the Department of Law Enforcement’s website. It would display the individual’s full name, address, date of birth, and type of crime committed. Currently, HB 1341 has been referred to the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee and SB 1806 to the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice. It is imperative that you contact your legislator to help get HB 1341/SB 1806 put on the agenda. Will you help be the voice for countless animals who are abused in your state?

Take Action: Floridians, you can help prevent animal abuse by contacting your legislators today and asking them to support House Bill 1341 and Senate Bill 1806. Other residents, please support creating an animal abuser registry in your state.

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3 responses to “Florida Continues the Fight for a Statewide Animal Abuser Registry”

  1. Elliott says:

    every state should do this

  2. Jo Anna M. Gahrs says:

    i would love to see a bill like this passed in New Jersey. How do I find out if there is such a rule in New Jersey.

  3. Richard Lasseter PhD says:

    Just as importantly, we need to know who in Congress votes AGAINST increasing any penalties involving animal abuse.

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